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 Version  Description  Date
V2.5 Small improvement and correcting minor problems. 2014-06-14

V2.4 Ability to save the configuration to a file.

Useful for the portable version.
Allows you to easily carry your configurations.

Other small improvements.

Adding icons to each photo in the image list of the main program window.

Adding a context menu in the image list to:

- Changing the image list viewing.
  (Detail, Title, Large Icon, Small Icon, List)
- Copy the selected images to the Windows clipboard.
- Change the directory of the selected images.
- Select all image.
- Open the folder of the current image selected.

Possibility to choose the start page between: small photos
(thumbnail page) and large photos page (viewing picture page).

Possibility to change the position of the gallery slider.
   (This section allows you to select a picture to display in the large size
 photos page)

Updating User guide manual

And many other small improvements...

Output file.Htm instead of.Xml

Ability to change pictures settings:

- Rotate left / right.
- Brightness / Contrast.
- Color balances.
- Saturation.
- Special effects  (Grayscale, Negative, Flip Horizontal / Vertical).
- Adding text to image with batch update.
- Adding Image (merging) to image.
  (ex: allows the addition logo) with batch update.

Auto update gallery generate with older version.

And many other small improvements...



Added a slideshow mode.

Ability to change the number of columns to display in small picture page.

Ability to change the number of image display in the slider.

Wizard for creating a new project.

Option to restore the last session on startup.

Fixed problem with accents in the file names.

And many other small improvements...


Added the possibility to indicate the location of the photos.
   In this case, a link to the Google Map location will be displayed
   in your gallery.

Panel to view metadata Tags (IPTC, EXIF and location)
  of your images.

Panel to modify EXIF metadata record in your image files.

Ability to batch import the metadata record Tags (EXIF and IPTC) in your
  gallery as title, description, date and location.

Ability to batch export information to your gallery Tags metadata record 
  (EXIF) of your images.

Added the possibility to have a link on your image gallery to a full image

Added new options to customize your gallery.

Button to confirm updates.

And many other small improvements...



When creating your album, this program will resize your photos
  automatically according to your settings.

Scheduling, add a title, date, comments or descriptions to your photos.

Customize your viewing gallery.

 Once your gallery generated, you will be able to publish it on
  your web space.



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