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Window Guide Tags of metadata record (EXIF, IPTC)

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User guide to using the window of metadata record Tags (EXIF, IPTC)

This window lets you view EXIF and IPTC metadata record tags of photo files. It is also possible to modify the EXIF values

The EXIF and IPTC metadata record tags are information that are included into the image files (.JPG)

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Guide to Meta Tags Datas (EXIF, IPTC)

The Meta-Tags tab, lets you view all EXIF and IPTC values ​​from the image selected in the list of your gallery.


Filter Meta Tags shown in the list.

The EXIF tab allows editing the most useful values ​​of EXIF Meta-Tags of the selected image in the gallery list.



Clear all values ​​(reset)


Save the values ​​specified in the corresponding EXIF Meta Tags.

Allows to display the window to find a location from an address.

If the result returned is the address you want, click the "Apply" button to import the coordinate location in the field

   Opens your browser the location on Google Map.

Displays the window for the batch update of specified values ​​(tags) into gallery list.

  Refresh values​​.
  Allows to import values ​​Meta-Tags from another image file.

    Selects the previous image into the list of your gallery.

    Selects the next image into the list of your gallery.

   Close this window.

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