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User guide of layout window

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User guide to using the window layout

This page shows you the different commands to customized the layout of your gallery according to your preferences.

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Guide layout

The window layout allows you to change various display settings of your galleries. These changes are applied to the source files use for displaying your gallery in the browser.

Tip: It is not necessary to regenerate the gallery to see the changes. only click the "Apply" button.

This section allows you to add a background image to your gallery.

  Allows you to browse to select the background image.

   Allows you to select the background color of your gallery.

Repeat: Indicates to repeat the background image to fill the entire web page.

Center: Indicates center the background image on the web page.

Top: Specifies to place the background image in the top, otherwise will be centered.

Fixed: If enabled. the image will be fixed during movement (scroll) on the web page.

This section allows you to specify fonts, sizes and colors used when displaying your gallery.

   Allows you to select the font and size desired.

   Allows you to select a color using the color palette.

   Models: Model layout.

   You can select a predefined template for the look of your gallery.

This section allows you to customize the messages displayed when viewing the gallery.

Number of colomn display in thumbnail page:
Indicates the number of image columns displayed at the opening of the gallery.
(useful to change the width of the display of your gallery)

SlideShow, default time value (sec.):
Indicates the default value (second) displayed when opening gallery.
This value is used by the slideshow mode. Display time of each image before loading the next image.

Slider position:
Allow to change the position of the gallery slider.
(This section allows you to select a picture to display in the large size photos page)

Number of images displayed in the slider:

Indicates the number of images displayed in the slide below the image viewing.
(useful to change the width of the display of your gallery)

Starting page:
Possibility to choose the start page between: small photos pages (thumbnail page) and large photos page (viewing picture page).

The destination directory is the location (path) where gallery source files will be generated.

Browse to select a new destination directory.

  Import settings from another existing gallery.

  Refresh (update) settings of the source files.

The source files are files used to view your gallery. These files are in the destination directory of your gallery in the subdirectory "sources".

  Allows you to view your gallery modifications in your browser.

  Import the values ​​from your reference files (default values).

  Exports the values ​​in your reference files (set new default values).

The reference files are used when creating a new gallery. These files are located in a subdirectory "sources" of  the directory generator program.

  Apply the changes.

  Close this window.
The layout will be the same for all galleries present in the destination directory. To have different layouts, you must specify different destination directories for each gallery.

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