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User guide of windows controls layout commands

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This page shows you the various controls of the window allowing you to customize the layout of your gallery according to your preferences.

Guide of generator commands
   To see the commands of the window generator.

Guide of demonstration how to generate a new photo gallery
   To see an example of the steps for creating a new gallery.

Guide of windows controls layout commands

The window layout allows you to change various display settings of your gallery. These changes are applied to the source files necessary to display your galleries in your web browser.

This section allows you to add a background image to your gallery.

  Allows you to browse to select the background image .JPG

Indicates to repeat the background image to fill the entire page.

Center: Shows to center the background image on the page.

Top: Specifies to place the background image in the top of the page, otherwise will be centered.

Fixed: If activated. the image will be fixed when scrolling into the gallery page.

This section is used to indicate the different colors used to display your gallery.

To view and select a color using the color palette.

  Models: Some predefined layout Pattern.

  Bold font: Specifies to display bold text in your gallery.

This section allows you to customize the messages of your gallery.

Import settings from another existing gallery.

Imports (refresh) the parameters from the source files present in the destination directory.

Start web browser and open gallery to view changes applay.

Imports values ​​from the reference files.

Exports values in the reference files.

The reference files are those used when creating a new gallery.
These files are located in a subdirectory "sources" of this generator.

Applies the changes.

The destination directory indicates the location where the gallery will be generated

Browse to select a new destination directory.
Exit this window.

The layout will be the same for all gallery in the same destination directory. For different layouts by gallery, you must specify different destination directories for each gallery.

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