Guide of the window image description

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User guide for the window image description.

This window allows you to add or edit information (Title, Description, Date and Location) connected to each photo in the list individually.

This information will be show when viewing the image into your gallery.

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Guide of  image description


Displays information of the selected image in the list.

Tapez le texte à importer ou sélectionner une valeur dans la liste.

   Opens the calendar to allow selection of a date.

Allows to display the window to find a location from an address.

Just enter the address and clicks on the search button.

If the result returned is the address you want, click the "Apply" button to import the coordinate location in the field.

   Opens in your browser the location shown on Google Map.
   Copy the values ​​in the fields title, description, date and location.
   Advanced copy.

Allows to open the Advanced Copy.

Using this window you can specify to copy text or Meta-data reference.

  Allows you to paste the information into the fields title, description, date and location.
     Skip to the previous or next image in the list.
   Apply the values.
   Close this window.

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