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How to generate a new gallery (album) Photo

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A simple example of how to create a new photo gallery.
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Example how to creating a new gallery

1. Specify a gallery name.

The gallery name specified will be used to create the HTM file that will be used to display the result of your gallery, and the name of the directory where your photos will be created (It is recommended to use a short name).

2. Specify a title.

The title entered will be displayed at the viewing gallery.

3. Specify the destination directory.

It is advisable to create a dedicated directory for your gallery, because all necessary files will be added to this directory.

4. Indicate the source directory containing your photos and images to add to your gallery.

5. Click the button  to add all the files. Jpg present in the source directory.

You can select photos to add from source directory by clicking

Tip: You can change the source directory to add more images to your project.

6. Customize information to your photos using the "Update Batch" button. or by using the button
    "Customizing unit".

Sequence the pictures order by using the buttons and

Tip: You can click on the column headers to sort the list.

7. Configuration

You can customize the options for generating your gallery, as the images resolution (size) created for display.

(See Configuration Guide for more information).

8. Generate your gallery by clicking on the button

9. Layout configuration

Modify settings and the appearance of your gallery.

It is not necessary to regenerate the gallery to see the changes. only click the "Apply" button.

(See Layout Guide for more information).

10. View your gallery

You can now view your new gallery.

Note: It is possible to generate several gallery in the same directory destination, but the layout will be the same for all gallerys. For different layouts, you must specify different destination directories for each gallery.

To publish your gallery, simply copy the destination directory on your Web space and link the file with the name given to your gallery .HTM

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Guide of how to generate a new photo gallery

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