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Main window guide of the generator

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User guide and commands description of the main window of Photo Gallery Generator software.
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Main windows guide

Displays the window new project wizard to create a new gallery.

Just follow the steps to start creating new gallery.

Tip: Reset all settings at startup

The gallery name specified, will be used to create the file .HTM (this file will be used to display the result of your gallery) and the directory name where your photos will be created.

Tip: It is recommended to use a short name

In case of 2 galleries with different names are present in the destination directory, the field Htm will be automatically displayed.

The name of the output file is used to display your gallery, will be entered in this field.

F4 force to display this field. Allows a file name differing from the gallery name specified.

The title will be displayed when visualization the gallery.

Allows you to view the result of your gallery in your current default browser.

You must have generated your gallery before using this function.

Display the window configuration.

This window lets you specify the desired parameters for the generation of the gallery.

(See Configuration Guide for more information).


Display window layout.

This window allows you to specify display settings for your gallery.

It is not necessary to regenerate to see the changes. only click the "Apply" button in the window.

(See Layout Guide for more information).

Show the contextual menu.

Right click on the image list also
display the contextual menu.


- View

Submenu "View" lets you specify the display type for the image list.

- Select all image (Ctrl+A)

Selects all images in the image list.

- Change folder of selected images.

Submenu "Change folder of selected images" lets you change the path (directory) of the source images selected in the image list.

- Copy the selected images to clipboard

Allow to copy the selected images to the Windows clipboard

- Open the folder of the current image selected

Source Directory:
Indicates the main directory source, where is your images to create your gallery.

    Browse your disk directory to select your image source directory.

    Allows to open the directory source in Windows Explorer.

   Add to the list all files .JPG present in the source directory specified.

Displays the window for selecting files .JPG to import.
Files present in the source directory specified.


Allows you to select all.

Displays the viewing window image.

Starts importing images selected.

Close this window.

    Displays the open file dialog, allows to browse and add an image to your gallery.
    Removes the selected file of the image list.

    Removes all image files from the image list (Clear gallery list).

      Allows you to move up or down the selected file in the image list.

The list order is the order of images displayed in the gallery

Displays the image window.

This window allows you to view the selected image in the list.

Using the "Tools image adjustment" is also possible to change the look of your images.

A double click in the image list also activates this window.

Once this window is displayed, the image will be refreshed automatically when a new selection in the image list.

(See Viewing Guide for more info)

Display the window of the metadata tags (EXIF, IPTC) of your images.

This window lets you view the Meta-Tags EXIF and IPTC data present into the image files.

It is also possible to modify the EXIF values.

Note: Datas Meta-Tags EXIF and IPTC are  information inside your image files

(See Meta-Tags Guide  for more info)

Displays the window update batch

This window allows you to batch update the information (title, description date and lacation) of your gallery.

Allows to update the metadata record EXIF tags of your image files from title, description and date.

(See Update Batch Guide  for more info)

Displays the image description window,

This window allows you to add or change informations (Title, Description, Date and Location) to each photo in the list individually.

This information will be displayed when viewing the image in you gallery.

(See Image Description Guide  for more info)

Import values saving with the button save (.Txt).
Import information from an existing gallery, which has already been generated (.Htm or.Xml).

Save your current session and the specified parameters. This is useful when you wish to interrupt the work to continue later.

Allows you to generate the gallery in the destination directory specified.

The .HTM file with the name given to your gallery, is the file you need to open to view your gallery.

The destination directory is where your gallery will be created.

It is advisable to create a dedicated directory for your gallery, because all necessary files to see your gallery will be added to this directory.

    Browse your drives to select a destination directory.

    Allows to open the destination folder in Windows Explorer

    This button is displayed during the generation of the gallery and can interrupt the process.
    Allows to display the program online web help.

Displays the information window

Using this window, you will be able to see the program version and change the display language

Validate if an update is available

Option indicate if you want to save your session on exit.

If you exit the program using the X in the top right of the main window, the session will NOT be registered.


Leave this programme and save the current session (if this option is enabled in the information window)

F1: Help (web)
F4: Force to display the HTM field.
F5: Display the window of the metadata tags (EXIF, IPTC) of your images.
F6: Displays the window update batch
F7: Displays the image window.
F8: Displays the image description window
F10: Recording current session
F12: Reloads the last saved session

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